Abu Bekr Sahibs

On May 6th,1955 at the suggestion of the then Potentate, A. G. "Mickey" Ireland, a number of Shriners met at the Elbon Club for the purpose of organizing a unit to serve as aids to the Potentate. The name "Sahib", which is a title for a gentleman such as "Sir" or "Master" used in Arabic countries for a man of some distinction, was selected as the name for the organization. The first bylaws were completed by Ralph Heaton and Richard Dove. Membership was initially limited to twenty-five, but later bylaws enlarged the unit.

The purpose of the Sahibs is to create a close band of cooperation among the nobility of Abu Bekr Temple and it's Illustrious Potentate at all functions of the Shrine, to promptly respond to calls from the Potentate to execute any act or duty which he designates, to care for visiting Nobles from other Shrine Temples, and to further the principals of Shrinedom at all times. The Sahibs also assist with the memorial service for departed Nobles at ceremonials. The Sahibs also maintain and sell a variety of Shrine related pins, fez tassels, tassel holders, fez cases, among other things at Shrine ceremonials.



Donald Gray
Phone: (605) 356-2243


Keith Rector
Phone: (402) 494-4403

Vice President/Chaplain

Frank Stickney
Phone: (605) 356-2166

Membership Chair

Jack Sorensen
Phone: (605) 232-5316


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