Provost Marshal

Abu Bekr Provost Marshal Unit

The Provost Marshal Unit was organized in 1964 to assist the Potentate and his Divan by preserving order, enforcing Shrine laws (including the rules and regulations of the Imperial Council), assisting the nobility in Temple functions, and where the public is invited. The Unit's membership is comprised of Nobles who are presently law enforcement officers, past law enforcement officers, have experience in public safety, or related work. The Provost Marshal Unit have meetings on the second Tuesday of each month as needed.



Ben Nordstrom
Phone: (712) 251-4080

Vice President

Rusty Langel
Phone: (712) 301-2382


Eric Nordstrom
Phone: (641) 413-3642


Dejay Langel
Phone: (712) 577-6243


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