Kossuth County Shrine Club

The Kossuth County Shrine Club got it start when in 1919 when Nobles from Abu Bekr in Sioux City came by special train to initiate over fifty candidate into the Shrine. In 1976, The Abu Bekr Ritual team came to Algona, Iowa and initiated over fifty candidates from the area into the Shrine. For many years the club had an antique fire truck that they used in parades along with twelve mini Model "T" style fire trucks that were owned and operated by the members of the club. At that time the parade unit was known as the "Arson Squad." Recently the club switch to blue dune buggies and now call the parade unit the "The Sons of the Desert." The Kossuth County Shrine Club participates in several parades during the summer months and holds a number of social activities throughout the year.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of the month 6:30 pm at Chrome Country Inn, Algona



Rodney Davis

Vice President

Tom Nugent


Steve Hoskins


Mike Nerison
Phone: (515) 295-2211

Membership Chair

David Simonson
Phone: (515) 295-2255

Parade Chair

Steve Hoskins
Phone: (515) 341-6305

Fair Stand

Howard Omdahl
Phone: (515) 341-0991


Tom Gruis


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