Cycle Corps

Abu Bekr Cycle Corps

The Abu Bekr Cycle Corps was organized in 1958 as a motorized precision drill unit and to provide enjoyment for those who enjoy riding motorcycles. Originally the Cycle Corps was made up of Cushman bikes. In the 1970's they purchased Honda 250cc Motorcycles, which they still are using today. The Cycle Corps belongs to the International Motor Corps Association and the Midwest Motor Corps Association.They participate in Motor Corps competition at Shrine Conventions nearly every year and have won a number of first place trophies in their class over the years. The Cycle Corps, participates in several parades and hold weekly practices during the summer months. They have monthly meetings and a few social functions throughout the year.

Free motorcycles!!



Phil Hane
Phone: (712) 876-2643


Troy Baker
Phone: (712) 259-2114

Secretary / Scribe

Sheldon Menin
Phone: (712) 253-8870


Maylon Chartier
Phone: (712) 276-0529

Membership Chair

Phil Hane
Phone: (712) 898-9705

Board Member

Roger Merrill
Phone: (605) 574-2986

Board Member

DeJay Langel
Phone: (605) 966-5035

Board Member

Ron Krause
Phone: (605) 574-0202


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