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West Central Iowa Shrine Club - Animal Unit

West Central Iowa Shrine Club was reorganized in 1974 after having been inactive for many years. The first officers were elected with Bob Mathers as President. An Animal Unit was formed and several members purchased a variety of animal costumes to be worn in parades and Various other functions as requested.

Our Current Membership is growing, the club is very active in West Central Iowa in promoting Masonry, Scottish Rite, Abu Bekr Shrine hospitals and Shrinedom. Dinner meetings are held monthly, during warmer weather,golf outings are held in conjunction with the meetings. We have a family outing in the summer and a Christmas organizational meeting. Our Ladies participate in many of our activities. Potential Shrine Candidates are always invited to come acquainted with our organization.We are very Active, well organized Club and are looking forward to continuing our promotion of Shrinedom in West Central Iowa. The photos below were taken of the "Animals" entertaining the young folks at various parades during the summer of 2004, and of winners of the bicycles sponsored by the Animal Unit and given away at the Abu Bekr Circus.



Ron Duff
Phone: (712) 269-1728

Vice President

Tedd Bliesman
Phone: (712) 674-3750


John Nielsen
Phone: (712) 643-2113

Secretary / Scribe

Trent Hodne
Phone: (712) 654-3492

Parade Chair

Dale Lafrentz
Phone: (515) 314-0605

Membership Chair

Phil Nugent
Phone: (712) 899-4586


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