Flying Carpets

Abu Bekr Flying Carpets

After the Cherokee Shrine Club was formed, a group of members decided to form a unit within the Club. Several ideas were explored and finally, in 1977, Noble Bob Ament found a go-cart and made the flying carpet. This created a lot of interest and in January, we ordered 20 carts. When they arrived, we took them to a machine shop and had them remodeled.

First we removed the steering wheel and replaced it with a joy stick. We then had a frame put on the cars. Noble Gunnar Osterling let us use part of a big building that he owned and we set up a production line. First we put plywood on the frame, the covered it with carpet and put fringe around the edge. The next problem was to cover the motor, so we made a jewel box out of this. After all the work and a lot of practice, we felt that we were ready for our first showing. This was the Rivercade parade. There were 21 carts in our unit at the time, we had a trailor that Noble Wayne Casey put together to haul these units. The Flying carpets are active and doing well, Monthly meetings and special funtions are held throughout the year.



Ron Fuchser
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Membership Chair

Dustin Brosamile
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